Fish PAC

FishPAC is the bipartisan political contribution mechanism that provides NFI with the means to financially support quality, pro-seafood industry candidates who will work with us to develop responsible public policy. FishPAC is an important part of NFIs government relations effort and by supporting FishPAC, you are helping enhance recognition and opportunity for our industry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a PAC?
Political Action Committees (commonly referred to as a PAC) have been around since 1944. PACs are organized by trade associations, small and large businesses, and corporations to raise and contribute money to the campaigns of candidates who are likely to support and advance the groups interests. PACs may receive up to $5,000 from an individual per year, and are limited to giving $5,000 to a candidates election.

Who can FishPAC solicit?
Federal law only allows FishPAC to solicit personal contributions from individuals that are management and executive personnel of NFI member companies. Prior to soliciting, FishPAC must receive a signed authorization form from the companys primary contact.Only the companys primary contact may grant authorization for eligible employees within the company to participate and may provide such authorization to only one trade association per calendar year. Click here to request an authorization form.

How are FishPAC contributions to candidates decided?
FishPAC follows a list of criteria in determining the best candidates to support. FishPAC is strictly non-partisan and uses 100% of every dollar contributed to help elect candidates to Congress who understand our industry. Candidates selected to receive FishPAC funds are based on the following criteria:

Members of the House & Senate who are our voice in Congress and help work the priorities that will impact our industry through the various legislative and regulatory levels;
The candidates leadership and membership on key committees;
The candidates character, integrity, and leadership abilities;
The candidates financial need and nature of the opposition;
The candidates position or voting record on issues of direct concern to NFI.

Click here for more information on FishPAC. For questions, please contact  Kedrin Simms Brachman, Director, Government Affairs at 703-752-8894 or