Canned Tuna HACCP

The Tuna Council HACCP Guidance for Canned Tuna (referred to from now on as the Tuna HACCP Guide) is prepared as a reference and training handbook. The Tuna HACCP Guide has been prepared to assist the tuna processing industry in the development, implementation, and maintenance of appropriate Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) programs for the commercial production of canned and pouched tuna products that will meet the requirements of the U.S. FDAs Seafood HACCP regulation (21 CFR 123) for products that are intended for commerce in the United States.

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Regulatory Requirements

Chapter 3 Potential Food Safety Hazards and Controls

Chapter 4 Prerequisite Programs

Chapter 5 Building a HACCP Program

Chapter 6 Examples of HACCP Programs: Introduction

Chapter 6 Canned Tuna from Frozen Round Tuna

Chapter 6 Frozen Pre-Cooked Loins from Frozen Round Tuna

Chapter 6 Canned Tuna from Frozen Pre-Cooked Loins

Chapter 7 Sanitation Considerations for Canned Tuna Processing


Appendix 1 Glossary of Terms

Appendix 2 Writing SOPs

Appendix 3 Histamine Testing and Sensory Test Packs

Appendix 4 Monitoring Cumulative Time

Appendix 5 Cooker Validation

Appendix 6 EPIPT Monitoring Procedures

Appendix 7 Self-Audit Program for HACCP and SSOPs

Appendix 8 Food Safety Matrix

Appendix 9 References

Appendix 10 HACCP Forms

Appendix 11 FDA Seafood HACCP Regulation (21 CFR Part 123)

Appendix 12 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs; 21 CFR Part 110)

Appendix 13 Example Monitoring Forms


Training Materials

Train the Trainer Agenda

Chapter 1 Slide Presentation

Chapter 2 Slide Presentation

Chapter 3 Slide Presentation

Chapter 4 Slide Presentation

Chapter 5 Slide Presentation

Chapter 6 Slide Presentation (Example 1, Example 2, Example 3)

Chapter 7 Slide Presentation

Appendix 1 Slide Presentation

Appendix 2 Slide Presentation

Appendix 3 Slide Presentation

Appendix 4 Slide Presentation

Appendix 5 Slide Presentation

Appendix 6 Slide Presentation

Appendix 7 Slide Presentation



Self-Audit Program for HACCP and SSOP

Fill-in Forms:

Product Description Form

Hazard Analysis Worksheet

HACCP Plan Form (Portrait Style)

HACCP Plan Form (Landscape Style)

Pertinent US Regulations:

21 CFR 123

21 CFR 110

21 CFR 108

21 CFR 113

FDAs Fish and Fishery Products Hazards and Controls Guidance, 4th Edition

Seafood HACCP Alliance HACCP Courses

Seafood HACCP Alliance On-line Training Course


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