• Tuna Council

    The National Fisheries Institutes Tuna Council represents the largest processors and household names for canned and pouched tuna in the U.S. including Bumble Bee, Chicken of the Sea and StarKist. The Tuna Council works for the tuna industry on numerous issues including food safety, labeling, sustainability, nutrition education and product marketing. The Tuna Council’s focus also includes policy and media work.
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  • Mexican Shrimp Council

    In 2020, a group of Mexican seafood companies formalized to capitalize on the good name Mexico built (especially when it comes to food) and therefore seeks to ultimately promote shrimp from Mexico.

    Inspired by the success of campaigns like Avocados from Mexico, the Council established a communications program designed to promote Mexican shrimp. The campaign includes a website and other core messaging elements.
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  • Crab Council

    The NFI Crab Council committed to crab fishery improvement. Created in 2009, the Crab Council is focused on BSC Fisheries Improvement Projects in six countries: Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and India. The group has been recognized by the U.N. Global Compact for its industry-led fishery improvement programs.

    The Crab Council embodies a new balance of business and harvest, adopting sourcing standards and funding projects that benefit fisheries, local economies and the consumer. The primary focus of the Council is to ensure that Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIP) in countries that export BSC to the U.S. are properly funded and have access to the expertise and resources that will benefit the fishery and help maintain healthy, sustainable trade.
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  • Salmon Council

    Established in 2013, the NFI Salmon Council was launched to promote Salmon consumption under the brand Hungry for Salmon. Since its inception, it has retained Butin Integrated Communications to provide public relations and social media support.

    The mission of the Salmon Council is to promote salmon as a high-quality, healthy and delicious fish, setting the industry standard for salmon marketing, sourcing, expertise and leadership, in conjunction with the current and future DGA standards (ultimately driving sales of salmon).
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  • Sushi Council

    A pre-competitive stakeholder group, the Sushi Council is made up of harvesters, processors, distributors, and end-users at retail and foodservice working to enhance sushi product integrity and promote industry-led food safety.

    The NFI Sushi Council, founded in 2024, will develop and distribute food safety guidance tailored to sushi’s specialized supply chain. A working group combining industry, government and academia has formed under the Council’s direction to detail hazards and needed control measures. The resulting guidance will draw on existing compliance documents and stakeholder expertise to produce plainspoken and accessible resources for seafood professionals working in every step of the value chain from fish farms and processing facilities all the way to the sushi counter.