Dr. Jane Hightower

What They Tell You About:


Dr. Hightower graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical School in 1988 and completed her residency at St. Mary's Hospital and Medical Center in San Francisco. Today she is a doctor of internal medicine at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco and lives in the Bay Area.


What They're Not Telling You

Dr. Hightower operates outside of the medical mainstream and has admittedly circumvented the normal process of submitting research for consideration in peer-reviewed journals, rather taking her anecdotal beliefs directly to the media. In her book she admits that "medical and scientific journal editors explicitly ask authors not to release data to the press before scientific publication" but goes on to insist that because she found elevated mercury levels in a "set of patients" she had an "obligation to notify the public of a potential hazard." Established researchers and physicians follow recognized medical and academic protocols.

The Tough Questions:
Why would the news media rely heavily on a physician so far outside the mainstream of medical thought?