Greenpeace and Canned Tuna Truth Squad : In Their Own Words

What They Tell You About:

Marine Reserves

Marine reserves are highly protected areas that are off limits to all extractive and destructive uses, including fishing. They are the most powerful tool available for the conservation of ocean wildlife.

Roadmap to Recovery: A Global Network of Marine Reserves, March 2006

Marine Reserves

What They're Not Telling You

The creation of marine reserves cannot guarantee the survival of tuna, and could actually lead to further declines. Ocean acidification, warming oceans, sea level rise, unregulated fishing, dead zones from pollution and illegal fishing are all greater threats to the survival of tuna, and the creation of marine reserves wont address any of them. Furthermore, tuna are a highly migratory species, making the use of marine reserves to preserve their numbers a problematic exercise.

The Tough Questions:
Why propose marine reserves as a solution to a problem that doesn't exist when Greenpeace knows that tuna are highly migratory and don't pay attention to boundaries drawn by humans?