Dr. Jane Hightower

What They Tell You About:

Her Agenda

Media stories portray her as an independent voice on the subject of mercury from fish consumption.

Her Agenda

What They're Not Telling You

In an interview with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Hightower talks about the need to get the word out about mercury and how "of course, we need NRDC and others to work with people in the field, and to take it to the masses." Parts of Hightower's medical practice depend on her patients having symptoms related to mercury poisoning. She's written a book on mercury poisoning, and regularly appears in the media as a subject matter expert on the topic. Hightower's allegations contradict the scientific mainstream and encourage irrational fears about normal commercial fish consumption.

The Tough Questions:
Why is an independent voice like Dr. Hightower so closely aligned with agenda-driven groups that have a common business interest in creating public fear about eating fish and trace amounts of naturally-occurring mercury?