Consumers Union

What They Tell You About:


Consumers Union is a member of Consumers International, a federation of more than 220 consumer organizations from over 115 countries working to protect and empower consumers throughout the world.


What They're Not Telling You

Despite their lofty rhetoric, Consumers Union has come under attack from a number of sources pointing out the flaws in their testing, leading to lawsuits over false or misleading stories on Bose electronics, Suzuki and Isuzu trucks, and Sharper Image electronics. The group also seriously misreported test results of child safety seats, leading to a mass recall of its own magazine from store shelves in February 2007. They've also published corrections regarding their own stories on commercial dog food and hybrid vehicles.

The Tough Questions:
Should Consumers Union be trusted as an impartial arbiter of food safety given its predominant experience is predicting value for various electronics and other home goods or evaluating automotive safety?