• Sustainability Press Release

    A Salute to Stewards of Sustainability

    With an increasing number of Americans turning to seafood as part of a healthy diet, on this Earth Day, the evidence is clear that fisheries are answering the call for sustainability. The seafood comm...

  • Sustainability Press Release

    Greenpeaces Pacific Protest: Dangerous & Misguided

    A US tuna boat operating legally in the Pacific Ocean was vandalized at sea as part of a dangerous and irresponsible stunt perpetrated by Greenpeace activists. To pull along side another vessel at sea...

  • Consumer Protection Press Release

    Congress Takes Aim at Illegal, Unregulated Fishing

    Today the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife and Oceans heard testimony about illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and considered efforts to reduce the worldwide ...

  • Press Release

    Media Still Perpetuating Mercury Myth

    Its happened again, this time in Houston. A Sunday March 30th report in the Houston Chronicle detailed yet another set of mercury tests done on bluefin tuna found in local sushi restaurants. The story...

  • Press Release

    Eating More Fish During Pregnancy Improves Infant Intellect

    New research
    to be published in the April issue of the American Journal of
    Epidemiology adds to the groundswell of new, independent science that
    shows moms who eat more than the U.S....

  • Resource

    How to Buy

    Follow the once for twice ruleshop once a week for two seafood meals at home. Always buy seafood from a reputable market where the employees are able to answer questions. Fresh fish should be brig...

  • Resource

    A Lifetime of Benefits

    Seafood is a powerhouse food. It fuels our bodies with important vitamins and minerals that help keep us in the best possible health at all life stages, from birth through old age. See what eating s...

  • Press Release

    Enviro-Lobbyists Push Prop65 Scare Story, Encourage Seafood-Deficient Diet

    The National Fisheries Institute advises local California news
    outlets and any other news outlets around the United States that
    erroneous claims about mercury in seafood by Got Mercury may...

  • Health Press Release

    Moms Low Fish Diet May Have Consequences for Baby

    A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
    says the typical American diet, low in seafood, is deficient in omega-3
    fatty acids and may pose a risk to babies develo...

  • Press Release


    The Joint Ocean Commission Initiative today released its annual U.S.
    Ocean Policy Report Card, highlighting notable progress in state and
    regional efforts at ocean policy reform and in eff...

  • Sustainability Press Release

    NOAA Says Consumers Need to Get the Facts on Seafood Safety & Sustainability

    Consumers with questions about seafood sustainability and safety now
    need to look no further than National Oceanic and Atmospheric
    Administrations (NOAA) web site for answers. Today at the...

  • Press Release

    National Fisheries Institute Wants Exxon to Pay Up

    The National Fisheries Institute fully supports efforts to force
    Exxon to pay the damages it owes as a result of 1989s Valdez oil spill. Alaskas fishing industry and the broader seafood communit...

  • Health Press Release

    NYT Public Editor Criticizes Times Mercury Story

    In Sundays New York Times the papers ombudsman, Clark Hoyt,
    reviewed three recent health stories and concluded that the Times
    story on mercury in sushi tuna, required careful judgment and ...

  • Sustainability Press Release

    NFI Congratulates James Balsiger on NMFS Appointment

    The National Fisheries Institute is pleased to welcome James W.
    Balsiger as the acting assistant administrator for NOAA's National
    Marine Fisheries Service. In his new position Dr. Balsige...

  • Safety Press Release

    Proposed FDA Budget Makes Food Safety a Priority

    The Presidents budget highlights the need for Food and Drug
    Administration funding but the National Fisheries Institute is
    disappointed that it does not go even further in its commitment. ...