• Health Press Release

    Moms Low Fish Diet May Have Consequences for Baby

    A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
    says the typical American diet, low in seafood, is deficient in omega-3
    fatty acids and may pose a risk to babies develo...

  • Press Release


    The Joint Ocean Commission Initiative today released its annual U.S.
    Ocean Policy Report Card, highlighting notable progress in state and
    regional efforts at ocean policy reform and in eff...

  • Sustainability Press Release

    NOAA Says Consumers Need to Get the Facts on Seafood Safety & Sustainability

    Consumers with questions about seafood sustainability and safety now
    need to look no further than National Oceanic and Atmospheric
    Administrations (NOAA) web site for answers. Today at the...

  • Press Release

    National Fisheries Institute Wants Exxon to Pay Up

    The National Fisheries Institute fully supports efforts to force
    Exxon to pay the damages it owes as a result of 1989s Valdez oil spill. Alaskas fishing industry and the broader seafood communit...

  • Health Press Release

    NYT Public Editor Criticizes Times Mercury Story

    In Sundays New York Times the papers ombudsman, Clark Hoyt,
    reviewed three recent health stories and concluded that the Times
    story on mercury in sushi tuna, required careful judgment and ...

  • Sustainability Press Release

    NFI Congratulates James Balsiger on NMFS Appointment

    The National Fisheries Institute is pleased to welcome James W.
    Balsiger as the acting assistant administrator for NOAA's National
    Marine Fisheries Service. In his new position Dr. Balsige...

  • Safety Press Release

    Proposed FDA Budget Makes Food Safety a Priority

    The Presidents budget highlights the need for Food and Drug
    Administration funding but the National Fisheries Institute is
    disappointed that it does not go even further in its commitment. ...

  • Press Release


    Today British public policy leaders highlight the role seafood plays
    in health. The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) applauds a call from
    the Associate Parliamentary Food and Health Foru...

  • Press Release

    New York Times Got Sushi Story Wrong

    The National Fisheries Institute cautions local news outlets against
    planning to replicate the erroneous New York Times story about mercury
    in sushi and encourages them to contact NFI for ...

  • Press Release


    Yesterdays flawed and alarmist New York Times article about tuna
    sushi has resulted in a series of irresponsible reports that fly in the
    face of widely-accepted nutrition guidance for Amer...

  • Press Release

    Errors, Inaccuracy Mar NYT Sushi Story

    In a poorly-sourced, sensational article in this mornings New York
    Times, reporter Marian Burros presents a distorted report on sushi and
    seafood that is at odds with widely accepted scien...

  • Sustainability Press Release

    “60 Minutes” Takes on Sushi Tuna

    Nearly 4 months after the seafood industry joined the U.S. Congress, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and environmental groups in calling for a moratorium on bluefin tuna fishing...

  • Health Press Release

    New Guidance On Fish For Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

    There is no convincing evidence that avoiding fish during pregnancy or breastfeeding prevents allergies, according to a report issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) this week. The report...

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