Turkish Fishermen Face Off Against Greenpeace

Let me start by saying I don’t endorse violent confrontations as a means of protest in any way shape or form and neither does NFI… but in playing the victim after a confrontation at sea Greenpeace has once again exposed its unending hypocrisy of message and method. Its message is “peace” but its record is not-so-peaceful. Its methods are confrontational but when confronted it objects.

In a dangerous and irresponsible move a group ofTurkish fishing vessels reportedly surrounded a Greenpeace ship this week and confronted it, apparently ramming it and allegedly throwing things at it– not an acceptable tactic by any stretch of the imagination.

But what happened next is puzzling. Greenpeace told the Associated Press that the incident “endangered the safety of our crew and ship and is completely unacceptable.”

“Unacceptable”– sure it is. “Endanger the safety of (the) crew”– sounds about right. But what about when Greenpeace vandals interfered with fishing nets in the South Pacific in May? How bout when they hung a banner from the bow of a Korean ship in April and then stole fishing gear? Oh-remember earlier that month when they approached ships fishing in the Western Pacific and painted slogans on them? And then there were the 80 some agitators who stormed the Brussels seafood show and chained themselves to booths after commandeering a loud speaker and unfurling a banner outside the main gate. Those actions endangered the safety of many and are also “completely unacceptable.”