World Renowned Clinic Says Don’t Give Up Tilapia

While the hand wringing about whether tilapia is good for you continues unabated in the mainstream press one of the most respected medical research institutes in the world is saying consumers should not give up tilapiadespite the fact that one researcher has publically likened it to hamburger, bacon and doughnuts.

A pair of R.D.s who write the Nutrition-Wise column for the Mayo Clinic ask the question, should you give up tilapia based on overblown news reports and answer it with a resounding NO!

One writes, Im going to continue to eat fish- at least twice weekly. Im going to choose a variety of fatty fishincluding tilapia.

So, lets see– we have 16 doctors authoring an open letter that publicly disputes the sensational hamburger, bacon and doughnuts comparison and now the Mayo Clinic is weighing in.

There may be a debate about the impact of the omega-3 / omega-6 ratio but there is no longer a debate about how this story has been presented. Sensational sound-bite-science is being put in its place.