Word is Out

Seafood fraud and NFI members efforts to eliminate fraud have been brought front and center to the American public this week with the NCWM release of preliminary results of the investigation by states looking at the weight of frozen seafood products sold in retail stores. Although names werent named in the release, just the numbers reported (21,000 packages removed from sale and ice comprising up to 40% of the product weight) were enough to draw the attention of the media. The release was picked-up in the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Kansas City Star, Puget Sound Biz Journal, and ABC evening news.

Stories that cast a negative light on the industry are never a good thing, but this one does bring to attention NFI members call for government help in stopping the unscrupulous vendors who are willing to cheat. NFI members dont always get the credit deserved for fighting for change so it is gratifying when our members efforts are recognized.

Word is out and awareness that a problem exists is one of the first steps to change.