Times Like These Call For Safe, Healthy Seafood

The medical and nutrition community, globally, agree; seafood is the healthiest animal protein on the planet. A stream of recommendations and reports scream Eat These Foods Now to Boost Your Immunity, What to eat to stay healthy and happy and 11 Healthy Long-Lasting Foods For Self-Isolation. Seafood is, and has been, on the front lines of the fight for personal health and longevity.

Seafood is also an important economic driver in this country, from the men and women who work the water, to those who cut and truck the fish that ends up on American plates. The Department of Commerce estimates seafood accounts for half a million U.S. jobs and more than 100 billion in sales.

The COVID 19 pandemic is a serious concern effecting not only public health but commerce at every level. While we have all been asked to attend to our individual health by practicing social distancing and following the recommendations of experts, the government should take action to protect the supply chain. Maintaining access to safe healthy food, like seafood, while safeguarding the jobs of those who produce it is imperative.  Americans can do their part by continuing to buy from restaurants through carry out and, of course, from retailers to enjoy at home.

Keeping Americans and the seafood community healthy is vital.