The Public Is Seeing Past The Rhetoric

According to the Today Show and Health Magazine Publix grocery stores are among the top ten healthiest in the country.

The magazine lauded Publix for “making healthy eating a family affair.” And singled out the work the store has done in reaching out to pregnant moms on nutrition issues. It held out its free FamilyStyle magazine has an effective resource. And mentioned the store’s own brand “GreenWise” as an impressive product line.

Meanwhile Publix routinely receives the highest rating of customer approval of any supermarket in the country.

With happy customers and impressed health experts holding Publix up as a positive example, what are the eco-lobbyists at Oceana and the enviro-extremists at Greenpeace doing? They’re demonstrating how out of touch they are by attacking Publix every chance they get because they disagree with its seafood sourcing practices.

So it would appear that while Oceana and Greenpeace are working hard to further marginalize themselves, Publix is working hard to help families make healthy eating a priority.