sushi and soba noodle soup

Friday night Lloyd and I went to dinner and a movie, both of which were out of our comfort zone but paid off in the end. Dinner was at Sunrise Restaurant a true hole-in-the-wall. Were all about no-frills restaurants, but this was a sushi hole-in-the-wall, so as we walked through the door we were a little concerned about freshness and food safety.Once we sat down and started watching the sushi chef, however, we realized we were in good hands.The sushi assortment we each ordered was nothing fancy simple nigiri plus a crab and cucumber roll but that made the quality of the fish all the more important, and we were not disappointed.Along with our sushi assortment came a comforting bowl of soup.I got Okinawan soba noodle, which I could just tell was made with love.After dinner we saw The Tree of Life, an unexciting yet striking attempt to sum up the meaning of life in a movie. We were both happy when it was over, but a few days later, are pleased we stuck it out and have really enjoyed discussing it. And weve definitely earned the right to see a silly comedy like Horrible Bosses next.