spicy Seattle tuna rolls

No, I did not go back to Seattle again. But I have to say this recipe did catch my eye since I was just there. It doesnt have a whole lot to do with Seattle other than apparently the Seattle Mariners love to eat tuna rolls.Finally, something about baseball I can relate to and get behind!In addition to the Seattle mention, this recipe drew me in because there isnt any special sushi rolling equipment required.As I was setting out all the ingredients for Lloyd and I at lunch today (I love when he stops home for lunch!), it occurred to me that sushi rolls are basically Japanese fajitas.

In fact, theyre easier because there’s less to cook. The only trick is making sure to get good, fresh, premium tuna. Few things are as purely nourishing as raw fish with veggies (I had cucumbers, green onions, and sauted bok choy and mushrooms), rice, and seaweed. I piled all the leftovers in a bowl, and have an instant poke bowl for lunch tomorrow. Have a great weekend!