SoFISHticated Season 4, Episode 1: The Sushi Market and NFI Sushi Council

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In the first SoFISHticated episode of 2024, co-hosts Richard and Kayla are joined by Michael McNicholas of Culimer USA LLC, to talk about a product that’s so well know, like Cher or Prince, it goes by only one name: Sushi.

The three will walk through the sushi market—its history and its future—and talk about the newly formed NFI Sushi Council, including its mission and how to join. This episode is pretty raw-some, so be sure to tune in.

Key takeaways:? 

  • Does sushi still have room to grow?
  • What’s holding consumers back from trying sushi?
  • Why is now the time to join NFI’s Sushi Council?