A New Tool to Help People Pick their Seafood Soul Mate

Taste is the leading reason people choose to buy a food. Or not choose a food I dont like the taste/my family doesnt like the taste is the biggest barrier to eating seafood. But with all the different species of seafood, theres a type of fish or shellfish for every appetite.

Now there is a new tool to help people find their favorites. Simply select taste, texture, flake, and color preferences, and PickMyFish will generate tailored seafood recommendations. Or skip straight to quick fish descriptions A-Z. This portable tool can be used on any computer, smartphone, or iPad to end indecision with mouth-watering menu choices and scrumptious selections at the store.

We encourage you to use PickMyFish to enhance your marketing efforts. Here are some creative ideas for how:

  • Add a line to your email signature that says, Want to find your seafood soul mate? Visit PickMyFish.com
  • Add a link to PickMyFish.com to your website
  • Add a link to PickMyFish.com to your facebook page
  • Download this smartphone-sized card to distribute at consumer-facing events and places (conferences, races, retail, etc.).

For more information on promoting PickMyFish, please contact Jennifer McGuire at jmcguire@nfi.org or 703-752-8893.