Committed to Crab

The NFI Crab Council is a group focused on crab sustainability. As an association of U.S. seafood companies, the Crab Council recognizes the importance of maintaining successful crab fisheries for international businesses as well as local economies.

Since 2009, the Crab Council has practiced industry led stewardship, influencing crab management through funding fisheries improvement projects and market leadership. Throughout five countries in Asia, we sponsor sustainability projects to preserve crab as a popular, plentiful seafood item as well as an important economic resource for dependent livelihoods.  In collaboration with in-country partners and key stakeholders, the Crab Council develops practical sustainability measures that address fishery needs through scientific, social and financial channels.

Our efforts have received support from major funds, foundations and financial institutions and our  model of funding the majority of our efforts through a self-imposed tax on imported crab has trail blazed a new form of privately spearheaded sustainability work. The NFI Crab Council believes that market demand is the most effective tool for changing in-country catch practices and creating viable stock levels.  Our mission is to support initiatives that produce larger sized crabs and more abundant harvests, ensuring that U.S. consumers receive affordable and responsibly sourced crab for years to come.