Question for Roberto A. Ferdman: What Is It That You Dont Understand?

Washington Post wonkblog writer Roberto A. Ferdman continues to write about canned tuna and continues to leave holes in his stories big enough to drive a truck through.

This time he writes;

  • Despite Consumer Reports’ plea, there is still much debate about how much mercury tuna actually absorbs, and whether what mercury it does contain poses any serious harm to humans

There isnt much debate, Roberto, theres Consumer Reports and then theres more than 100 independent, published, peer-reviewed studies analyzed by FDA that brought it to a conclusion that says pregnant women can eat up to 56 oz. of albacore tuna every week.

Meanwhile the FDA speaks directly to the Consumer Reports recommendation when it says the methodology employed by Consumer Reports overestimates the negative effects and overlooks the strong body of scientific evidence published in the last decade. The FDA goes on to highlight the fact that, Consumer Reports analysis is limited in that it focuses exclusively on the mercury levels in fish without considering the known positive nutritional benefits attributed to fish.

Is the Wonkblog a place where reporters would say theres much debate over whether vaccines cause autism? Because, despite one vocal crowd, science tells us they do not.