Statement on 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report

WASHINGTON, DC February 19, 2015 Todays report from the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee strongly reaffirms seafoods position as one of the healthiest options in the American diet. The report affirmatively notes that Americans, should be encouraged and guided to consume dietary patterns that are rich in seafood.

The reports authors specifically address ongoing misunderstandings about the presence of mercury in seafood and for the second time in as many reports highlight the fact that, for the majority of all fish, neither the risks of mercury nor organic pollutants outweigh the health benefits of seafood consumption. In line with the clear nutrition science consensus, this explicit reference goes a long way to helping put the mercury myth to rest.

On the topic of sustainability, the group is also clear in its practical approach to sourcing, determining that wild capture and farm raised seafood are both needed, to supply enough seafood to support meeting dietary recommendations. The group concludes well-managed fisheries and twenty-first century aquaculture contribute to stable, sustainable production of this important protein.

This important committee of renowned nutrition experts is clear in its conclusions that seafood is safe, healthy and sustainable, and should be included as a key part of the American diet.

John Connelly

President, National Fisheries Institute