Proposed FDA Budget Makes Food Safety a Priority

Commitment is there but the dollars are not

The Presidents budget highlights the need for Food and Drug
Administration funding but the National Fisheries Institute is
disappointed that it does not go even further in its commitment.

HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt made an important first step in
bolstering efforts to safeguard Americas food supply when he proposed
a comprehensive overhaul of import and food safety plans, said NFI
President John Connelly. The budgetary commitment we see today will
enable the FDA to implement some but not all components of those plans,
leaving the hardworking men and women at FDA once again underfunded.

As providers of a healthy product for American families, NFI depends
on consumer confidence in our seafood safety system. NFI and its
members have a long history of working with federal officials to ensure
the safety and wholesomeness of our products and continue to believe
that the cornerstone of a robust food safety program is a strong FDA.

We are encouraged by the administrations willingness to dedicate
resources to implementing these important food safety plans. But
ensuring the continued safety of the American food supply is an
important part of the FDAs mission and funding it fully should be of
paramount importance in Washington. We look forward to working with the
bipartisan group of lawmakers who are committed to seeing the FDA fully

For more than 60 years, the National Fisheries Institute (NFI)
and its members have provided American families with the variety of
sustainable seafood essential to a healthy diet. For more information

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