NFI Expands Trade Education Campaign now helping distribute information

August 3, 2018 Washington, DC – Due to the interest in the National Fisheries Institute’s (NFI) Seafood See, Jobs campaign the trade association has expanded the online content offering after only one day.

Originally, offered 3 Featured Videos and 4 Faces of Seafood Jobs videos on its front page. That has been expanded to 5 Featured Videos and 5 Faces of Seafood Jobs videos. Additionally, now directs users to the campaign’s videos.

From fishmongers and truck drivers, to lobstermen, manufacturing workers and chefs, video testimonials highlight every aspect of the seafood workforce. Even hardware stores and coffee shops that serve the seafood community chime in on their very real fears about the trade war.

“To understand the negative impact these tariffs will have on American workers you have to go see them, you have to talk to them, you have to hear their concerns,” said NFI President John Connelly. “We’re bringing those stories to policy makers so they understand; this is not a theoretical, economic chess game. These tariffs have the potential to do a lot of harm to the seafood community and that community’s jobs are right here in the U.S.”

Look for new video content weekly.


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