Piven Now Famous For His Fable

George Foreman is an Olympic gold medalist and two-time world heavyweight boxing champion who knocked out Joe Frazier and lost to Muhammad Ali in one of the most famous fights in history, The Rumble in The Jungle. But these days his storied athletic past is eclipsed by the fame he earned selling grilling machines.

When people see George Forman they dont sayhey, look theres the champ. They sayhey, look theres the grill guy. Admittedly, he is clearly laughing all the way to the bank.

These days it has become apparent that Jeremy Piven is no longer the actor whos appeared in dozens of movies and dozens more TV shows and rounds out the wildly popular cast of a hit HBO seriesno, he is now officially the butt of his own joke.

Piven, who appeared on the Tonight Show last night simply cant go anywhere without addressing or now joking about his absurd claims that he came down with mercury poising from eating too much sushi.

Unlike the now beloved grilling pitchman, Pivens mercury fable doesnt appear to be rejuvenating his career but rather defining his character for an already skeptical audience whose snickers drown out the cries of hey, look theres the sushi guy.