(Part V) Chicago Tribune Publishes Another Alarmist Mercury in Fish Story

Here’s a look at our latestletter to the Tribune. I am eager to hear back from them and without sounding catty I fear the managment may be ignoring our requests. With that in mind I must say,perhaps prematurely, that if they are indeed simply ignoring our requests their silence speaks volumes. The old adage that if you ignore a problem it will go away isn’t what I would consider a thorough proactive management technique. But I will hold off on my judgment for now. You see, when we brought examples of violations of journalism standards to the New York Times it took the Public Editor there fully 30 days to review and offer a public commentabout those issues. Issues that incidentally he concluded we were right about.

September 16, 2008

Margaret Holt

Chicago Tribune Standards Editor

VIA Email

Dear Ms. Holt,

As you know on September 4th we wrote back to you about our continuing concerns with standards-related issues contained in the August 30, 2008 article by Michael Hawthorne, titled “Women Living in Mercury’s Shadow.” We also wrote to you on September 9th requesting acknowledgment of our previous contact.

While we are considering your suggestion that we submit a letter to the Voice of the People I am writing once again to reiterate our request that the Tribune review Mr. Hawthorne’s work in the manner befitting a public editor.

I am disappointed that we have not heard back from you concerning this matter after our initial contact.

While we wait for your response we have begun our own review of Mr. Hawthorne’s previous mercury in seafood stories.

Thank you for your time and continued consideration.

Gavin Gibbons

National Fisheries Institute

cc: Gerould Kern, Editor

Chicago Tribune

Jane Hirt, Managing Editor

Chicago Tribune

Samuel Zell, Chairman and CEO

Tribune Company

Andy Schotz, Society of Professional

Journalists Ethics Committee Chair