(Part IV) Chicago Tribune Publishes Another Alarmist Mercury in Fish Story

Here’s the latest on our contacts with the Chicago Tribune. I wrote to the Standards Editor Margaret Holt last week to make sure she had received my pervious emails and was aware of my continued request for review of Mr. Hawthorne’s work. That was just about a full week ago. My letter to her can be found below.

Meanwhile, our review of the Chicago Tribune’s other mercury in fish stories continues. Please read those as well.

September 9, 2008

Margaret Holt

Chicago Tribune Standards Editor

VIA Email

Dear Ms. Holt,

On September 4th I wrote to you with respect to our continuing concerns regarding standards-related issues contained in the August 30, 2008 article by Michael Hawthorne, titled “Women Living in Mercury’s Shadow.”

Having not heard back from you, I am writing again simply to confirm receipt of my September 4th communiqu.

I am well aware of the time and energy that further review of Mr. Hawthorne’s work entails. If your delay in response is based on these efforts please do not misconstrue this letter as a sign of impatience.

Thank you for your time.

Gavin Gibbons

National Fisheries Institute

cc: Gerould Kern, Editor

Chicago Tribune

Jane Hirt, Managing Editor

Chicago Tribune

Andy Schotz, Society of Professional

Journalists Ethics Committee Chair