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When half-truths, misstatements and flat out errors about seafood make their way into the press, youre likely to read about it here. When a new study in the world of seafood science is making waves with the media, theres a good chance well mention it. And when someone gets a fish story right, well let you know about it too.

With this blog, we hope to change the dialog that often accompanies stories about seafood. Its no longer about whether we like or agree with a story. Its about whether reporters and producers are following the basic journalistic tenets of fairness, balance, objectivity and above all, accuracy.

No threats, no rants, no pretense just a statement: When it comes to reporting about seafood, its time the media got the science and the story right. And when they dont, were gonna call em on it.

Lets make a deal, shall we? If the media will stick to being honest and impartial, seafood will stick to being healthy and delicious.