New York Times: nutrition experts “agree on the value of fish”

A new report in the New York Times takes a look at whether supplementing baby formula with the omega-3 fatty acid DHA (found in fish) actually boosts baby brain health. The findings, regarding supplementation, and the reporting are essentially inconclusive. But the results regarding whole fish and its dietary prowess are not left unsettled:

  • And while experts may disagree on the value of DHA supplements, they seem to agree on the value of fish. “Fish has a lot of different nutrients besides DHA that are probably very good. A lot of iodine comes from fish, selenium comes from fish, and these are all key brain nutrients,” said Dr. Carlson. “The best thing you can do is eat a balanced, healthy diet, and part of a balanced healthy diet is to eat fish twice a week. And then, when you introduce food to your child, to include some fish in their diet,” Dr. Simmer said.