Make Sure You’ve Got the Facts on Fukushima

Seafood from the Pacific Ocean remains safe, healthy, and delicious. Recent reporting on the controlled release of treated water from the Fukushima power plant has vacillated between highly accurate and highly hyperbolic. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has also concluded that the release  would have a “negligible” impact on people and the environment.

Reporting explains that the water being released contains about 63 becquerels of tritium per liter (that’s a unit of radioactivity.) The World Health Organization’s limit for drinking water is 10,000 becquerels per liter.

For perspective, Geraldine Thomas, a molecular pathologist formerly of London’s Imperial College, is quoted as saying, “There are not going to be any health effects… There is no scientific reason to ban imports of Japanese food whatsoever.”

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