Include Seafood in Your Family’s Fall Meal Routine

The start of September sounds the dismissal bell on summer vacation and signals the beginning of back-to-school routines for kids and families. A new school year — especially during this unprecedented time — brings forth the opportunity for new routines that support the work students do inside and outside the classroom. 

One way to support students in all their activities is to offer foods that nourish their bodies and brains.

And one of the foods that deserves an A when it comes to brain health is seafood. Fish and shellfish are among the only foods naturally rich in a type of omega-3 oil called DHA, which boosts brain development and function. Check out the Cognition Kitchen guide for more information on seafood and other brain-healthy foods. 

Furthermore, the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans encourage families to eat seafood at least twice weekly because of its heart and weight benefits.

The Guidelines also underscore the importance for pregnant and breastfeeding women to eat more seafood to improve babies’ health. 

The benefits from eating seafood start before we’re even born. Research shows that children of moms who eat seafood 2-3 times each week during pregnancy reach milestones – like climbing stairs, copying sounds and drinking from a cup — more quickly. And on the other end of the age spectrum, a recent study found that eating a seafood-rich diet may help protect against memory loss and dementia. 

In addition to omega-3s, seafood also contains important nutrients, like iron and  B vitamins, which help promote proper growth in children.  Seafood also provides some vitamin D, a nutrient important for healthy bones, immunity and heart health. 

Seafood is versatile and can be used in many family favorites.

Plus, offering seafood to your children helps them develop healthy eating habits early on. From breakfast and snacks to lunch and dinner, these three seafood recipes are sure to please even your pickiest eaters.  

Start the new school year with the addition of seafood to your diet. A healthy diet that includes seafood will support you and your students and is sure to add some variety to your cookbook. 

More information and recipes can be found via our Cognition Kitchen Guide or Dish on Fish