Greenpeaces Delusions of Grandeur

Greenpeace is at it again today in the Washington Post. And this time theyre suggesting that their sustainability campaign is somehow having an effect on grocers. For starters Greenpeace implies that it had something to do with Whole Foods’ new seafood sustainability standards: Greenpeace oceans campaign director, said the report was released before Whole Foods’ new standards were finalized, and he expects the company’s score to increase.YeaId expect their score to increase too since Greenpeace gave them a big fat F perhaps if they didnt change their ways Greenpeace would have given them an F minus.

Here are the facts, Whole Foods began work on its sustainability plan two years ago and did in fact consult environmental groups about their efforts. Greenpeace was not one of those groups. Greenpeaces flawed report, which has been met with a chorus of crickets, came out last month.

What a pathetic attempt to take credit for something they had nothing to do with.

Whats worse, in the Post article Greenpeace goes on to say, “Many of the companies that we assessed, and the industry in general, seem to have realized that there is a problem and to varying degrees are starting to work on it. As an industry to varying degrees grocery stores are working on a lot of things and one thing they are not working on is removing all 22 species of seafood that Greenpeace demanded they remove when they launched their ill informed sustainability campaign.

As part of its sustainability campaign Greenpeaces stated goal was to have those 22 species removed from American grocery stores no ifs, ands or buts about it. And I quote, to be removed from sale immediately followed by to be removed from sale as soon as possible.

With the Olympics right around the corner brace yourself for Greenpeace to take credit for a variety of gold medals won by myriad countries.