Greenpeace Continues Its Ranka Palooza

Tired old Greenpeace is once again ranking people and making lists. This time in the UK where they are ranking “tinned tuna” based on issues of by catch. Not being a Brit myself, I’m guessing that’s what we Yanks call canned tuna here in the States.

I wonder if Greenpeace organizers go home after a long day and rank their kids in order of how much they love them? Or perhaps there’s a list on the refrigerator of badly behaved household pets to avoid.

“Oh uh, Fido has made it off the list since his excessive barking stopped. However, Fluffy’s fleas are keeping her on the do not pet list.”

I must admit this is a very selfish posting. You see, I have to read all of these reports and if I have to plow through another tome of quasi science that leads up to a big ranking crescendo I am not going to be happy.