Consumer Reports Jim Rogers is as Accurate as a Groundhog Predicting the Weather

Ratings and Reviews Service Continues to Peddle Misinformation about Mercury in Seafood

Is it Groundhog Day because it sure feels like it? Nearly a month after we exposed Consumer Reports mercury-in-canned-tuna testing data and correctly compared it to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Action Level and “Level of Concern,” we thought the needless consumer fearmongering would end.

Apparently, Consumer Reports’ lead food safety “expert,” Jim Rogers, didn’t get the memo. During a recent NBC4 segment he continued to spread misinformation about mercury in seafood when he said, by eating canned tuna consumers may be exposing themselves to “dangerous levels of this heavy metal.” Umm, Jim, they’re not and that’s not what Consumer Reports found.

These guys — literally and figuratively — don’t get the picture.  In order to help folks understand exactly what Consumer Reports found we were able to piece together the raw data from 19 of the 30 tests conducted as part of its How Worried Should You Be About Mercury in Your Tuna? article. The results are below and speak for themselves.

Jim Rogers is not only hyperbolic, but he’s also totally inaccurate.  And this comes weeks after Consumer Reports was made aware of the necessary context. This pattern makes it appear Consumer Reports’ current goal is to actively deceive consumers rather than educate them.

One thing is clear…Consumer Reports track record or mercury reporting is just about as accurate as Punxsutawney Phil’s weather predictions. On second thought, maybe you should consider another site for your car seat reviews.