Beware of more Greenpeace Delusions

Someone should tell Greenpeace to hold off on its self congratulatory applause. You see Ahold USAs latest seafood sustainability efforts (Giant food, Stop & Shop etc) are NOT a result of Greenpeaces non-science based, misguided campaign that, aside from yawns, has drawn a staggering amount of intense passing interest from tens of consumers.

To be clear– in todays IntraFish the senior seafood buyer for Stop & Shop and Giant is quoted as saying, None of this is in reaction to the Greenpeace retailer rankings. These decisions were made as a result of the advice we received from the New England Aquarium.

In fact Aholds sustainability efforts stand in contrast to Greenpeaces campaign and serve more to highlight how much of a fringe organization Greenpeace is. Ahold chose the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solution and the New England Aquarium in particular as partners in their efforts. Youll remember, Greepeace is not one of the dozen conservation groups that make up thatcoalition.

It was last week that Greenpeace tried to weasel its way into somehow claiming credit for Whole Foods seafood sustainability efforts (of which they had no part.) And now I expect to see them touting this latest effort as one of their own.

Perhaps if Greenpeace had a reasonable, science-based approach that didnt involve threats and distortions they too could celebrate these efforts as successes. But they dont and have relegated themselves to marginalized onlookers who seek credit were it is not due.