baby shower sushi

Tuesday night I co-hosted a baby shower for my fabulous friend Sarah. Sarah, her husband Luke, and their five-year-old daughter Elena will be welcoming a lucky new baby in November. Sarah is one of the best mammas I know. I particularly appreciate that she has raised Elena to be adventurous in all aspects including eating. It is not uncommon for Elena to crave shrimp, salmon, or sushi and sweetly request them for lunch or dinner. It was perfectly fitting, then, that wed throw Sarah a somewhat non-traditional shower at a sushi restaurant. Since its suggested moms-to-be steer clear of raw animal protein to reduce the risk of getting sick from food, we ordered a nice assortment of cooked and raw fish. I only took a couple photos, but rest assured the assortment was delicious and gobbled right up by the guests. Congrats to Sarah and her family!