The Devil Didnt Go Down to Georgia

When Albany, Georgia’s WALB news director Dawn Hobby asked, for the third time, for NFI to indicate what we perceived to be factual errors in their fundamentally flawed seafood report, we suspected there would be no correcting of the record on their end.

WALB claims three times (twice in the video segment, once in the written report) that the FDA says big eye tuna should be avoided by pregnant women. This is demonstrably incorrect. A single Google search would reveal to WALB that the FDA lists four rarely-eaten fish that pregnant women should avoid: shark, tilefish, King Mackerel, and swordfish. Nowhere on any federal guidance about seafood consumption for pregnant women is bigeye tuna listed as a species to avoid.

Yet, according to Ms. Hobby, our story did not state the FDA recommends avoiding bigeye tuna. Um except when it did, three times. Details details. Were not sure how we could have made these errors any more clear to WALB:

Then theres also the embarrassing fact that WALB lists 5 fish for pregnant women to avoid, after telling viewers there are 4 more evidence that details and facts keep getting in the way of their reporting on seafood and nutrition.

It only took 4 email exchanges for WALB to reveal the source that the station identifies in its report as the FDA was not in fact the FDA:

Not to mention, the report about the FDAs June 2014 updated seafood advice links to the now decade-old advice from 2004.

Some say the devil is in the details, but it appears this time he didnt make the trip to Georgia.