Safe Fish Abound; Fukushima Fears Unfounded

Pacific Teems with Safe Fish

A new study of seafood from the Pacific, titled Concerns Regarding Radioactivity in Migratory Seafood Negated, puts a pretty fine point on what years of research that came before already suggested; seafood from the Pacific is safe. That means the Pacific is teaming with delicious and safe fish.

Fears Totally Unfounded

Apprehension about seafood from the Pacific is totally unfounded and the Columbia Basin Bulletin reports, “an international research team shows that those concerns can now be laid to rest.”

Co-author of the study in Science Daily, Kevin Weng an assistant professor at William & Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science, is unequivocal when he says, “Go ahead and eat some sushi!”

Radiation “Very Low” or “Undetectable”

Lead author Daniel Madigan of Harvard University says levels of radioactivity are likely to be “negligible.”

Madigan explains, “One goal of our study was to put these perceived risks in context… our results, which show very low or undetectable levels in these animals, are important both for public perception of seafood safety and for scientific understanding of radionuclide transfer.”