Statement on Announcement of Tariffs on Chinese Seafood

WASHINGTON, DC July 11, 2018– The United States and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) have established their positions on seafood in the current trade dispute.

The misguided strategy, that sees the US and PRC placing unwarranted tariffs on the other’s seafood products, will only hurt workers and consumers in their own countries.

American jobs at processing plants throughout the country are at risk of losing raw material from China. That means American workers suffer.

Grocery stores and restaurants thrive when they offer the public options. Tariffs ultimately are taxes on American consumers that limit choice. Meanwhile, Chinese consumers will also be deprived of high quality Maine lobsters, squid from New Jersey and California, and cod, pollock, and salmon from Alaska.

The Dr Seuss story of Two Zax who stand forever facing each other without compromise is not where this dispute should end.

The National Fisheries Institute calls on policy makers in both countries to demonstrate real leadership by sitting down and negotiating before lasting and unnecessary damage is done.

John Connelly
President, National Fisheries Institute

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