National Fisheries Institute Statement on Diversified Communications Leadership Announcement

WASHINGTON, DC – April 20, 2023— NFI and Diversified Communications have enjoyed a Strategic Partnership for 25 years. Like so many of NFI’s members, Diversified is a family-owned business that has adapted and grown with the changing tides. Diversified’s Seafood Expo North America, Seafood Expo Global, and Seafood Expo Asia are essential to growing and maintaining relationships in the worldwide seafood industry. We look forward to the next chapter in ongoing collaboration with the Hildreth family and are so pleased they have chosen Liz Plizga as the new president.

We have worked closely with Liz for years and know her not only as an NFI Board member, a Future Leader alumnus, and Seafood Industry Research Fund (SIRF) supporter but a seafood community stalwart, well positioned to lead at Diversified and advocate for the industry.

We also offer our sincere thanks and well wishes to former president Mary Larkin, who has left an indelible mark on the seafood industry and made many contributions to NFI.

Congratulations Liz and best of luck to Mary.

Lisa Wallenda Picard
President & CEO

Contact Information

Melaina Lewis
(703) 752-8899