Let’s Be Honest With Ourselves

Lets be honest. If you havent seen stories in the media recently about an increased interest in ferreting out seafood fraud youve been living under a rock. Busts for short-weighted fish, mislabeled species and tariff violations are up and just about every wanna be Woodward and Bernstein is reporting on it- the pescatarian perp walk is almost becoming common place.

Quite frankly its a welcome sign. But ending fraud will require more than a few stinging articles. It will require an effort from all partners involved – government writes the rules, industry follows the rules and customers avoid those who break the rules.

While it would be optimistic to think that relationships between suppliers and customers alone could end fraud with all in the supply chain demanding honest products, it is obvious that that will take a while to achieve. So actions by agencies will remain a critical piece of the puzzle.

As you walk the aisles of the International Boston Seafood Show be honest with yourself and those around you. And think about just how you will respond if someone offers to help you break the law.