Clam Committee

The NFI Clam Committee is an industry-led group of leading clam suppliers who have been committed to maintaining robust and thriving surf clam and ocean quahog populations for over 20 years. Through public-private partnerships with regarded scientists, companies and universities, the NFI Clam Committee funds vital research for use in important fishery management decisions.

Fishery History
Considered by many to be one of the most responsibly managed stocks in the world, the Mid-Atlantic surf clam and ocean quahog are at the forefront of seafood sustainability and were the first fisheries to be managed under the federal Individual Transfer Quota (ITQ) system. Implemented by the National Marine Fisheries Service in 1990, the ITQ system was designed to improve the economic efficiency and long-term health of a fishery by allocating a portion of the fisherys annual catch in the form of quota shares. The NFI Clam Committee contributes to the success of the ITQ system by funding cooperative science necessary to determine the annual catch limits for clam.

Science Center for Marine Fisheries
In 2013, the NFI Clam Committee became a founding member of the Science Center for Marine Fisheries (SCeMFiS). Supporting accurate stock analysis and effective regulation, SCeMFiS sponsors scientific projects that seek to expand fishery data and optimize stock health. Funded by industry members and a grant from the National Science Foundation, SCeMFiS assists federal and state agencies in generating the necessary scientific data to determine fishery health. SCeMFiS is co-managed through Dr. Eric Powell of the University of Southern Mississippi and Professor Roger Mann of William and Marys Virginia Institute of Marine Science. To see the seafood research sponsored by SCeMFiS clickhere. For information on joining, click here.

The NFI Clam Committee
The NFI Clam Committee comprises the clamming industries foremost companies. Recognizing the importance of thriving clam stocks for business and the environment, Clam Committee members assess themselves a fee on the number of surf clam and ocean quahog bushels they shuck each year. 100% of the funds raised from member dues go directly to supporting scientific research.
The NFI Clam Committee includes:

Atlantic Capes FisheriesAtlantic Capes Fisheries is a vessel and plant operating company since 1968. Producing and exporting fresh and frozen seafood, Atlantic Capes Fisheries seeks to establish long-term stable supply relationships with processors, importers and distributors.
Bumble Bee Seafoods
Bumble Bee Seafoods is a nationally recognized leader in value-added seafood and poultry products. The Bumble Bee family of brands includes clam producer, Snows
JH MilesJH Miles is a clam producer based in Norfolk, VA that has been providing quality product since 1965
Sea Watch InternationalSea Watch International is one of the largest specialty seafood processors supplying the foodservice and retail industries. Recognized as the Premier Clam Company, Sea Watch markets its products to restaurants, fast food chains, warehouse clubs, supermarkets, hotels and other institutions in North America, the European Community and Japan.