Better Seafood Bureau Called reputable representatives ferreting out false marketing

The headlines are everywhere; Fish Tale Has DNA Hook, DNA testing uncovers suspect sushi, Expensive fish mislabeled. Is it culinary fraud or an accident? Some serious science appears to have exposed fraud at the fish market. Fish sold as one species when they were not that species at all.

There is little doubt at least some of the mislabeling has to do with the fact that fish are often called different things in different places. But the rest? I think NFI President John Connelly put it best when he said, “Some people call it species substitution. I have another name for it… fraud.”

There is, however, a silver lining to this story. It would appear that industry press and mainstream media are getting the message that the Better Seafood Bureau exists and is an important resource. What’s more they are passing that message along.

Grocery publications reported the story and highlighted the fact that efforts were underway to “reminding retailers to procure from Better Seafood Bureau (BSB) member companies, as a way to weed false marketing out of the market.” While Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper touted BSB members as “reputable representatives” of the seafood industry who welcome technology aimed at “ferreting out false marketing.

Responsible journalists are writing about this story and including in their reporting the fact thatmembers of the seafood community are actively engaged in fighting this type of fraud.